Wuxi Yushou Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is a company that produces and produces "disposable sterile syringes" and other medical supplies. It has a strong technical force and hundreds of employees, including dozens of technicians. Celebrities, the quality of the products produced meets the international standard of ISO7886-2005, and the company has passed ISO13485CE certification and CMD quality system certification. Due to the development needs of the company, we are now recruiting talents. The specific requirements are as follows. Welcome to Wuxi Yushou Medical Devices Co., Ltd.

Injection molding process engineer

Main job responsibilities: 1. Improvement of injection molding process 2. Test mode, proofing 3, plastic mold debugging  Application requirements: 1. Familiar with injection molds and equipment 2, 5 years experience in injection molding process 3. Familiar with injection molding materials (PP materials, ABS, etc.)

Quality inspector

Main job responsibilities: Responsible for the inspection of the production process of the workshop, issue a report of non-conforming products, and track the results of the processing. Combined with quality anomalies, assist production management personnel to develop corrective and preventive measures and verify them.

Registered certification specialist

Main job responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the domestic and international registration of the company's medical device products; 2. Responsible for handling system audits organized by internal and external customers and competent departments.

Requirements: 1. 2-3 years of work experience in the same position; 2. Excellent English literacy, grammatical proficiency, proficient in translating Chinese and English materials, no less than professional level 4 English. (If you do not meet the requirements, please do not submit your resume)

Equipment maintenance engineer

Main job responsibilities: 1. 2-5 years of equipment maintenance work experience; 2. Have electrician certificate and network access permit priority; 3. Can adapt to 12 hours of work in the dust-free workshop.

For the above positions, please contact the Human Resources Department. Tel: 0510-83777555 turn Human Resources